The Women's Organisation of the Centre Party

Finnish Centre Women (Women organisation of the Finnish Centre Party) is the biggest political women organisation in Finland. It was established in 1941 and has approximately 28 000 members all around Finland.

Our aim is to promote development at the local level as well as in Finland and internationally according to the values of the Finnish Centre Party. We want to promote equality among genders and assess development of society from the perspective of women and children.

Our members are 21 registered regional and about 700 local women associations. We also accept as members registered local associations of the Centre Party, Centre Youth and Centre Students.

Our highest decision-making body is Congress that meets every other year. It decides on the leadership and Plan of Action. Between the congresses, an Executive Committee meets and it chooses the National Board. Our chairwoman is MP Ulla Parviainen. Vice chairwomen are Annina Ruottu and Sari Palmu. There are at total 21 members in the National Board.

Our Secretary General is Mervi Mäki-Neste. If you wish to know more about Finnish Centre Women, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Contact details:
Suomen Keskustanaiset
Apollonkatu 11 A
00100 Helsinki